Survey of SoCal CTOs reveals Top 10 Challenges for 2019

Company, network security, security, socal, cto, california , Jan 3, 2019 10:44:00 AM

According to a recent survey by LA CTO Forum, the challenges CTOs face in 2019 are complex and rooted in a wide range of areas.  From human resources to time management, security to tech debt, it's clear is that the modern-day CTO needs to have a broad skill set in order to achieve success. 

  1. Recruiting, Hiring, Sourcing and Onboarding
  2. Appropriate Security for my Organization
  3. As a tech leader, where do I spend my time
  4. Personal Career Planning
  5. Business Metrics for CTOs / Engineering
  6. Motivation of engineering team
  7. Tech Vision and Tech Roadmaps
  8. Talent Management, Career Development of team
  9. Organization and Structure of engineering team
  10. Managing Technical Debt

Surprised by the results? Are some of the same issues keeping you up at night? 

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